The Peres Center for Peace

The Peres Center for Peace is an Israel based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting peace in the Middle East. As stated on the organization’s website: Our mission is to build an infrastructure of peace and reconciliation by and for the people of the Middle East that promotes socio-economic development, while advancing cooperation and mutual understanding.”As Israel’s celebrates its 60th anniversary, the Peres Center for Peace and The Negev Foundation entered into an agreement to develop joint agricultural projects related to each organization’s respective goals. This exciting agreement partners the Negev Foundation with a very influential organization.

The Peres Center is one of the most dynamic and innovative non-profits in the Middle East. Working with partners that may normally be considered enemies, the organization has facilitated programs between Israeli and Arab stakeholders in a variety of fields such as medicine & health care, business and agriculture. The Peres Center for Peace has garnered widespread respect and has played a key role in a number of international projects.

Based on a memorandum of understanding between the Negev Foundation and The Peres Center for Peace, both organizations will work together on four distinct projects in the near future. These plans include regional agriculture technology exchanges and culminate in the planting of a quarter-million olives trees – Israel’s symbol for peace – in the Ramat Negev region using the area’s brackish or recycled water. The Negev Foundation wholeheartedly looks forward to this important collaboration and the promising benefits our work will bring to the region.