Volcani Institute – Agriculture Research Organization

The Gilat Center of the Volcani Institute, located in the Negev, is dedicated to providing solutions for the region’s agricultural challenges. The center’s research focuses on plant sciences, plant protection, and soil and water.

One of the unique features of the center is its Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory. Working with local growers to determine specific plant diseases and pathogens, the center’s lab efficiently provides farmers with the information and resources they need to ward off devastating biological threats to their crops and livelihood. Preventative work is also being done to detect diseases for seed potatoes and to test non-living disease facilitators such as contaminated water.

The Molcho Center, operating out of the Gilat Center, is a great resource for Negev researchers and students. Every year the Molcho Center provides scholarships for Negev agriculture students. As a liaison between researchers and farmers, the Center endeavors to assist local farmers with their scientific and technological needs. With over eight million acres (800,000 dunams) in its district, this task is a great one.